Pnb hrms 2.0 : Registration, Login, Services, Benefits and more

Pnb hrms 2.0

For employees and the general public, human resource management systems, or HRMS, are the most crucial resources. Taking into consideration, the PNB Parivar HRMS 2.0 is available through various self-service options and was supplied by Punjab National Bank. Punjab National Bank, one of the largest banks in the nation, has an extensive network of branches and distribution facilities.

The bank implemented this system precisely for that purpose—to handle the massive volume of clients. This blog post will cover a few of the PNB HRMS portal’s features, such as available services, registration procedures, and login password resets.

What is PNB HRMS 2.0?

PNB HRMS 2.0 plays a significant role in the welfare of workers at Punjab National Bank. This tool is designed to fulfill the requirements of both working individuals and retired people with its customized features. It ensures that employees are aware and empowered by providing seamless access to personal and professional information, leave control, payslip generation, and more. PNB Parivar HRMS acts as a central manager for HR-related procedures in order to establish a work environment that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of its employees. This contributes to a positive and effective work environment.

FeaturesPunjab National Bank in India uses PNB Parivar, a human resource management system (HRMS), primarily for processing payroll and other salary-related tasks.
Mobile AppPNB Parivar 2.0 ( available both on IOS and Android)
WebsiteVisit here

Services offered by PNB HRMS 2.0

The Punjab National Bank workers have access to a variety of services through the PNB Parivar system. It serves as a centralized system for maintaining records, processing payroll, and storing employee data. Some of the other services provided by this system are listed below:

  • Performance review and appraisal
  • Attendance management 
  • HR Management Information System
  • Training Management
  • Employee shortlisting and promotion process
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Absence and leave management

Process to Register on PNB HRMS 2.0

The login credentials that are provided to current and former employees of Punjab National Bank enable them to register for the PNB HRMS system. The employee receives their credentials when they first join. If you are unable to obtain the login credentials, you need to speak with the branch manager. The user is required to provide employment-related information, a registered phone number, an email address, and any additional supporting documentation that may be required. You can register for PNB HRMS by obtaining new login credentials from management once the information and documents have been verified.

PNB Parivar Registration Process
pnb parivar

PNB HRMS 2.0 Login Process

Once you have register on the platform, now you need to follow the given below steps:-

  • Visit the official PNB HRMS portal and click the URL on the homepage to gain access to the login portal.
  • The PNB Parivar Portal’s main page has a primary menu with a number of options. Then on the right side of the website, select the ‘HRMS’ option. To continue, click the provided link.
  • This will redirect you to a new page on the website where you can only access the login page.
  • Enter the login password and User ID that were sent to you by Punjab National Bank. After completing the security captcha, click “Sign in”. That’s all it takes to make use of the services offered by the PNB HRMS 2.0 portal.

Process to Reset PNB Parivar Password

If somehow you have forget the credential of the your portal, Just follow the given below step to retrieve it:-

  • First you need to Visit Punjab National Bank’s HRMS website.
  • You can view a number of options on the homepage, such as notices, circulars, HRMS, and additional login tabs.
  • On the menu, select “Click here for HRMS login.”
  • This will lead to a website where you may log in. Select the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  • This will take you to a new page where you may register your mobile number and email address with the PNB HRMS 2.0 site.
  • In order to reset your password, the system will send an automatically generated link to your official email address.
  • Enter the password twice for verification in order to continue.
  • Now that you have the password, you can access the HRMS portal of Punjab National Bank Parivar.

Process to download PNB Parivar 2.0

If you want to increase your formation with the portal then you need to download its application,follow the given below step to do so:-

For Android devices:​

  • On your Android device, launch the Google Play Store.
  • Then you need to search for the application on the play store or click on the given below link 
  • Once you click the install button, your app will start to download.

For iOS devices:​

  • On your iPhone, launch the iOS App Store.
  • Use the URL, or search for “PNB Parivar 2.0.”
  • Once you click the install button, your app will start to download.

Advantages of PNB HRMS

Using the Portal offer multiple number of advantage, given below are the few of them:-

  • Effective Payroll Management: The platform not only pays salaries and creates salary slips, but it also complies with regulations. Every month, the user may monitor and review the wage slip. 
  • Pensioner Services: Through specific pensioner services, PNB Parivar Services offers its assistance to retirees. Processing pension payments, getting pension payment instructions back, and making sure pensioners keep getting accurate and on-time payouts are some of these services. 
  • Simplified Leave Administration: Using the PNB HRMS Portal, staff members can request, track, and redeem their leaves.
  • Bank Holiday & Leave Application: The HRMS site gives employees access to a list of all bank holidays. They can review the link in addition to submitting a leave application through the HRMS website.
  • Enhanced Performance Appraisal: The PNB HRMS Portal offers a venue for conducting appraisals, and employees can directly benefit from these evaluations.
  • Training and Development: Employees can receive notifications about training and development tailored to their individual needs, which supports the development of skills and career advancement.

PNB HRMS Contact Details

The contact details of Punjab National Bank are as follows:

AddressPunjab National Bank, Human Resource Management Division, PNB Corporate Office, 4, Dwarka, New Delhi
Contact Number011-28075197/97

In conclusion

The PNB HRMS website acts as a one-stop shop for employees, allowing them to access a wealth of information and complete a variety of self-service tasks without having to visit a branch. Hopefully, this document will guide you through using the features and services of this site and logging in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the goal of PNB Parivar HRMS portal?

Its focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction and providing exceptional service to users.

2. How can I contact the PNB Parivar HRMS portal?

You can contact them by calling 011-28075196 or 011-28075197.

3. What is the address of the PNB Parivar HRMS portal?

The address is: Plot No. 4, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075.

4. What kind of inquiries can I make on the PNB Parivar HRMS portal?

You can make general inquiries related to HR matters or get assistance in navigating the HRMS portal.

5. Is a specialized staff on hand to answer questions?

Yes, knowledgeable and dedicated staff is on hand to assist you.

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